Verify option against saved hash file not just limited to file copy operations

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It appears the Verify functionality is limited to file copy operations, plus single-file verification against a hash on the clipboard. It would be great if the app supported verifying a collection of files against the saved hash sidecar files that Teracopy already generates upon request (and/or retain the hashes it stores in its SQL Lite database and use those for the verify). This would allow par2-type functionality, at least in terms of verifying collections of file.

Aby Skaria

May be teracopy must evaluate all the functionalities of its response whether copying or moving compatibility for larger files by evaluating every connected response before it starts its functionality and even these must be regulated before I login with my credentials on my system. For guests system, this is not a needed approach. This will minimize what even verification cannot spot as a error. Helping the individual know what is the best to be done at such situations. Please do respond for my post.