Ability, to stack different copy jobs, as in, to either make them run after eachother, or all at the same time.

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I recently thought, it'd be good, if a Copyjob would enable me, if at least two different copyjobs are running, to actually make the two or more Copyjobs not run, as by default, at the same time, but one copyjob AFTEr the other Copyjob, - thusly, the Speed of copying, IS faster, than by simultaneous different copyjobs. This is an easy idea, and cuz Teracopy is also freely available, I am happy, to share my Idea with You, which You can use at Leisure.

Aby Skaria

How about whatever we are coping again be given a hidden ability to save more time while I can do such simultaneous saved in my PC virtual online memory so that it is good I can stack any number of such transfer just picking up what each one must be done also running after each other like as daily scheduled? I hope you may comment my blog here. https://ideas.codesector.com/communities/1/topics/262-teracopy-anywhere-but-everywhere