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There is a major bug that may cause a lot of problem ..just imagine you move a file using teracopy and undo the action ( using Ctrl+Z or Right click in Windows Explorer and choose Undo ) , Windows explorer totally wipes your moved files instead of returning those back to original place .. it is happening because teracopy failes to update the undo history of explorer , so explorer's undo doesn't undo the teracopy action ..

DON'T USE UNDO while using teracopy as file handler otherwise you will loss your files

lj h

Yes, this happened to me.


1. Create folder

2. Rename folder created in (1)

3. Move files using TeraCopy into folder created in (1)

4. Accidentally trigger a Windows Explorer "Undo" action twice

5. The files are gone because Windows Explorer didn't record the move (3), TeraCopy did, so the 2 "Undo" actions reversed step (2) and step (1), thus the files were still in the folder and the folder is now gone

Luckily the files were inconsequential, but it took me a long time to figure out what happened, and I still have no idea how I triggered "Undo"

Is there really no fix for this? Seems like a massive oversight/bug