Target volume spanning

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If the files to be copied exceed the capacity of any one available target volume size, allow the program to automatically fill multiple target volumes in sequence until all data are copied. 

Example:  I have 70GB of data (comprised of relatively small files) that need to be delivered on flash drive, and  I only have 32GB flash drives available to me.  I want to be able to tell Teracopy to automatically span all that data over multiple 32GB drives until all the data are copied.  Either support spanning multiple mounted volumes without interruption or allow transfer to pause while volumes are swapped (e.g. only one USB port is available for use and the small flash drives have to be connected sequentially).

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Charles Ashford

If there was a way to retain the source directory\file structure as well that would be ideal.  This is one of those features that you don't want to HAVE to use... but when you are stuck in that situation, this feature is a god-send.