I'm new to this forum, but but not teracopy.

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I'm new to this forum, but but not Teracopy. I only use Teracopy to move large amounts of research data to Hi Capacity USB HD. Currently I use W10 on an Asus gaming laptop. Started when I went to W7 then to W10, a total of 7-8 yrs. I don't remember the V#'s but after going thru this forum, I tried v2.3 but it hung up 90% thru.

  1. Q #1: is: Teracopy was accurate on W7, when I checked files, folders on PROPERTIES all were copied.
  2. On W10: Tetacopy missed copying several folders & files. Tested against Explorer, It was kludgy & produced errors.
  3. Q #2: is the paid ver 3.6 of Teracopy better, more efficient, features?
  4. Q #3: What are Direct Folders & do I need it?


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bert williams

Why do I have to delete post?  I need some questions about Teracopy answered.  If not at this forum where should I go?