UI is very confusing

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Main question regarding skip/overwrite: Isn't there a way to just check if files are "carbon copies" and then skip/rename those who is not? As a user I have no idea what "Skip All" means, but at least it doesn't sound like what I want to do.

As a UI designer, I would argue that there's a surprising amount of flaws and some of it is just standard design principles that really doesn't need user testing (well, that's never really true, but just to make a point).

No designer on the team? Could I help or are you happy as it is?


I think the button I'm lacking is "Rename all copied/target files if size or date is different" (skip identical).


Agree about the confusing UI, i had to try the buttons and checkboxes and it was scary :)
- what is the Skip button: does it skip the whole transfer or just the current file? Whats the difference with Stop ?

- checkboxes Skip all and Verify: Skip all is checked when I select Skip All when prompted for similar files in the Destination. Verify: I guess it's the same - so why are they checkboxes and what happens if i check them during transfer?

- I'd like to have different colors for the differents panels, at least 2 colors: when several panels are "maximized" it's difficult to see what belongs to where.

- the TeraCopy window disappears when i try to reduce the window height (by clicking on the top part of the window): when i want to drag it down, the window disappears, it's still on the Taskbar but clicking on it doesnt bring the window back. So i need to shift+right click on the taskbar icon to be able to Maximise the window.

Other than that TeraCopy is the best app to transfer files!