Understanding virus false positives

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All our files are tested on the VirusTotal website before release. Antivirus programs use heuristic analysis to identify potential threats based on suspicious behaviour or code patterns. Sometimes, this analysis can result in false positives if the software misinterprets legitimate actions or files as malicious.

Malicious individuals who create malware often employ packers or compressors to obscure their code and avoid detection. Our software utilizes a protective system that incorporates similar techniques to safeguard it against cracking attempts. However, this can occasionally result in false positives, as antivirus software may struggle to distinguish between malicious intent and legitimate usage.

It is highly advised to add TeraCopy to your antivirus whitelist. Failing to do so may result in interference each time TeraCopy accesses both source and destination files. When copying numerous small files, this can cause a substantial decrease in transfer speed.