Copying and verifying files

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Adding files

  • Drag and drop
    • Drag and drop files or folders to the TeraCopy dock icon to create a new list.
    • Add more files to the same list by dragging them inside the window.
  • Share menu
    • Use the Share button in Finder or other applications to create a new list with chosen files.

File copy process

Click on the Copy... button to select the destination folder and start the process.

TeraCopy will copy files and calculate their checksums on the fly. These checksums could be used later to verify the integrity of copied files or save as a checksum file like .md5 or .sha.

Click on the Interactive button to choose what TeraCopy should do in a case of filename collision - skip all files / overwrite all / etc.

Check the Verify option to start the verification process automatically when copying is complete.

File verification process

In order to ensure that files are written correctly, you can click the Verify button.

TeraCopy will start reading files from the destination drive and calculate checksums. After that, the checksums of source and target files will be compared.


TeraCopy shows a double checkmark icon in front of verified files, as well as matching checksums.

Retrying the operation

Upon detection of any error, TeraCopy will show the file list along with error messages reported by Mac OS.

If you've fixed the problem and want to retry the operation, click the Next button and click the Failed button. After that, click on the Copy or Move buttons again.