The Organize Favorites tab

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The rectangle on the left is the Favorites tree. Click and hold down the left mouse button on any item, then move the mouse to drag that item to a new position on the list. It shows the structure of your Favorites menu. You can add or delete folders, sub-menus and separators using buttons on the right of the configuration dialog.

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The first edit field is a description for this shortcut on your Favorites list. For example, you could type "My Music" for E:\Music.

: Enter the path to the target folder (where you want the file box to switch to after you click left mouse button at that item in the Favorites menu).

: Enter the optional alternative path to the target folder (the file box switches to this folder when you hold Shift and click left mouse button at that item).

Select folder
: This link allows you to select an existing folder from the browse dialog.

Test menu
: This button displays Favorites menu inside configuration dialog.

Clear folders
: This button clears all Favorite folders.