The Options tab

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This tab lets you set program options, such as whether or not the Info Panel appears over file dialogs and how many items appear on the Recent folders list.

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Load at Windows startup: Check this option to start Direct Folders automatically with Windows.

Display icon in the system tray
: This option puts icon in the system tray area. Left click on this icon displays favorites and recent folder in a single menu. Selecting any folder from this menu makes Explorer or Windows Commander open this folder. Right click on this icon gives you quick access to the program option.

Auto switch to Details view
: Check this option to automatically start Direct Folders when Windows starts.

Add folders to Send To menu
: This option adds folders to the Windows Send To menu, allowing you to quickly send files to your favorite folders directly from the Explorer.

Resize File Open dialogs
: Check this option and set Width and Height to automatically resize file dialogs. You can use "Set..." button to define desired size with mouse.

Show Info Panel
: Shows the Info Panel if checked.

: Sets the transparency for Info Panel.

Open folder in
: Lets you specify file manager to open folders from the Info Panel and tray menu.

Keyboard focus
: This option lets you specify on which control the keyboard focus will be located when file dialogs opens.

Maximum Recent items
: You can define how many items to display on the Recent folders menu.

Display Favorites/Recent menu
: Press the key combination you'd like to access this menu when a dialog box or Explorer window is the current window.

Show Always On Top button
: Check this to enable Always On Top button.

Show Roll-up button
: Check this to enable Roll-up button.